With braces in the corners


Song:Speed The Collapse (Metric) Soooo… spotify on my phone crashed when I connected my bluetooth to it and when it reloaded, it pulled up my regular playlist. I was about to change it over, but this song came on and I was already sort of in a graphic-tee sort of mood. The song itself is […]


Song: Mutual Core (Bjork) These are getting weirder… This song has a kind of disjointed floaty feeling, so right as it started I had imagine a floating chick (Bjork’s female, if you hadn’t guessed) and then when it mention “tectonic plates” she was suddenly floating in space. Then I realized she was singing to a […]


Same configuration as the first image. Almost no bend!


Song:Crush U (Lizette &) Here’s the Sivoa one. XD

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