Molly Beans (WiPF)

|Commission Information|   Lots of fun stuff going on in the webcomic world for me right now. Wednesday I had update the WiPW post with the watercolor painting I did for Baba Bhalu, which is building up to kick off it’s 3rd story arc and a whole lot of cool stuff. Wednesday ALSO happened to […]

WiPW: Baba Bhalu Watercolor

This was kind of my demo painting while I was at Daytona’s MainStreet Live.

WiPW: Dana Cardinal

Commission Information I am actually a huge fan of the podcast, Welcome to Night Vale. While I don’t actually have a favorite character, I was inspired by Dana’s trip through the Dog Park. What’s interesting about this is that I have no really visual interpretation of what she looks like, but she is totally represented […]

WipW: Stage Fright

Buy Print | Commission Information If you’ve ever caught me at a convention, you’ll know that I can chat up a storm. This might make what I say next seem really weird, but I have terrible stage fright. It’s why I prefer the Q&A format for panels and lectures that I run. This piece was […]

WiPW: Susannah

~ Buy Print | Commission Information ~ It’s been a while since I did one of these posts. I apologize for that. I want to say that this is because I’ve been so busy that I forgot, but it’s truthfully more that. I hit a extreme low point emotionally and in hindsight, I realize that […]

Accepting Commissions Again. :)

Cleaning up and customizing my portfolio to start seeking out client gigs again. This means that I’m taking commissions again, so if you guys want to jump in on that before I become overwhelmed again, please do. šŸ™‚

Sivoa and Some Winter Events. :)

I’m sleepy, so I’ll just cut to the point – I finished writing the book! šŸ˜€ It’s currently in the process to be sent out to the Beta readers and then it’s off to the editor. Unexpectedly, I AM TERRIFIED of the feedback I so desperately need. This is normalĀ for when I release brain babies […]

WiPW: Eyes

  Today’s update is kind of a two-for-one as I did the first picture to paint the background an practice a new technique for digital coloring – whichĀ I now pretty much stick to: I’m one of those people that use the sameĀ handful of brushes in Photoshop and pretty much NEVER touch the other presets. Thankfully […]

WiPW: Power of The Clans – Bear Clan

A piece of card art that I did for Anime Festival Orlando’s collectible card game, Warriors of Orlandia. I got to talk a little bit about this on on a panel too, which was actually kinda neat. The art notes for this essentially said that I needed to draw two of the game’s original characters […]

WiPW: Krolzar

This was a fun commission; a friend’s Pathfinder character.Ā Krolzar is a easy to anger gnome that sews the scalps of his enemies to his Ā great cloak and throws his friggin ugly cat at Ā his adversaries. The details of the character only get weirder from there, but I fully understand that games with him in them […]

WiPW: Sorcerer’s Study

I just really wanted to paint Flag in his room/study. Ended up spending what felt like foreverĀ on the canyon wall that his giant friggin windows face. šŸ˜›

WipW: Forever Home

An art trade with my dear friend April. These are her characters Bhael and Ezer and they were just so much fun to work on! ^.^

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