Sivoa: Sunrise is officially out(and holy cow, my heart is pounding @[email protected])! It is available in e-book on pretty much all of the major platforms (Just search for “Sivoa: Sunrise” in your  favorite ebook distributer) It is available in print in the Dragonmun Store , Createspace, and Amazon. If you enjoy what you’ve read, please leave […]

Sivoa: Sunrise Book Trailer

In a desert kingdom, a sixteen year old girl is determined to escape a vile sorcerer, but is challenged by the maneuverings of an unseen insurrection.

It feels like September was over as fast as it started, but a hurricane will do that to you (me and mine made it through Irma with minimal damage. We were just without power for a week, which is nothing to complain about. :P). This time last month I had activated the pre-order option for […]

Sivoa Preorders!

Oh my gosh! It’s here!!!!!!!! Well, mostly. I am now accepting pre-orders for Sivoa: Sunrise, which is the major successor to the comic series that I started ages ago. For all of you that were asking when I was going to come out with the next issue of my comic. HERE IT IS! Yes, it’s […]

Book News and A Small Help Request

The book is done. It’s been edited, the cover’s made, the acknowledgements acknowledged. Heck, even the copyright page is done. It’s all ready to go, but I can’t hit that button quite yet because I also did the thing where I pitched the novel to agents/publishers. I gotta wait for them. The vast majority of […]

Balticon 51

I won’t lie, I am TOTALLY STOKED about going to BaltiCon this year! Why? Because I get to see friends and chance a trip outside of the Southeastern United States for once – which is totally not normal for me. Many have asked if I would ever come to the New England area and…. I know […]


I think my last post on the subject here was me mentioning that I had finished ~writing~ my the first Sivoa novel. Since then It’s been through a revision, followed by another revision, followed by more edits, and more edits, and more edits… … and then on Saturday I officially sent it to the editor. […]

Sivoa and Some Winter Events. :)

I’m sleepy, so I’ll just cut to the point – I finished writing the book! 😀 It’s currently in the process to be sent out to the Beta readers and then it’s off to the editor. Unexpectedly, I AM TERRIFIED of the feedback I so desperately need. This is normal for when I release brain babies […]

WiPW: Sorcerer’s Study

I just really wanted to paint Flag in his room/study. Ended up spending what felt like forever on the canyon wall that his giant friggin windows face. 😛

Overdue Update

So… apparently it takes me a *coughf’inlongcough* while to write a book. I guess this makes sense because writing has exactly 0% to do with my income, so I have to focus on paid work first.  Cool news though! I have hit a major milestone… a printed proof for edit manuscript! Buwahahahhaha!!! It really is […]


Man, one of these days I will be all up on the Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday thing (what’s Sunday supposed to be?). I totally forgot about CM until I heard someone mention it on the radio this morning. X’D Anywho. Because It’s like… half-way through the day already, I’m extending my participation in […]

Progress Report(s)?

When I started the novel project,  I fully intended to post updates and progress reports to keep you all in the know on how it’s coming. Well, It seems that most writing progress trackers only follow word count,  which is super awkward because (for me) that bounces up and down fairly drastically between writing and editing. […]

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