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It’s been a while since I did one of these posts. I apologize for that. I want to say that this is because I’ve been so busy that I forgot, but it’s truthfully more that. I hit a extreme low point emotionally and in hindsight, I realize that it’s because I spent an exuberant amount of time alone, in my head, with my thoughts… which is dangerous.

Alone is a natural state for an artist. Drawing, writing, painting, etc… Art isn’t often a social thing. Even group projects or collaborative works have a lot of alone time in the production phase. I love my clients and I love my comic companions at Baba Bhalu (and you should too), but it’s not like retail or even conventions, where there is a co-worker/table neighbor to shoot the shit with while you work.

I think that this is why I wound up spending so much time on Facebook, posting in groups – which also detracted from work. I attempted to cut back on that some this year and my darker emotions kind of spiraled out on me because of it. I have been working my way back and kinda started to come upon the realization for a social need with this piece here:

A need to be social is what drew me to Gods and Monsters as a number of my friends are regulars there. Unfortunately, I often need an excuse to schedule a time out from being Mom and so, when they posted a call to artists for their “Dangerous Women” art show, I jumped on it (an event with a solid date?! YES! ).

Susannah Dean is such a cool character from the Dark Tower series. She breaks all sort of societal character norms and was absolutely who I had to paint when presented with the gallery show theme of the show. I might also be WAY TOO EXCITED for the movie coming out later this year. ^_^;

I never got that social event. The mall that housed Gods and Monsters went out of business and kicked everyone out with only a 2-week notice. They found a new home, but only opened up this last Sunday. I hope that they plan to get back to doing gallery events, but who knows. For now, here are the step-by-steps for the Song of Susannah. 🙂

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