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Out of a necessity to design spell-things for Sivoa, I came up with a flexible diagram oriented on the position of the Suns and Moons in relation to the planet. Turns out that this also worked for our actual planet, moon, and sun.

I kind of sat on this until one day I decided to buy a piece of Leo-oriented jewelry for my daughter… and was sorely dissapointed in the options I found online. Leo’s typical sign (♌) does not make for good metalwork (and ofen looks like a sperm), while the animal it represents comes across as very generic lion jewelry. Remembering my spell diagrams mentioned above, I set about designing Zodiac-oriented surfer pendants, which are 3D printed to order by the wonderful people at Shapeways.


  • Oops (11/30/2015) - Man, one of these days I will be all up on the Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday thing (what’s Sunday supposed to be?). I totally forgot about CM until I heard someone mention it on the radio this morning. X’D Anywho. Because It’s like… half-way through the day already, I’m extending my participation in […]
  • An Update with the Zodiac Things (8/24/2015) - I kind of forgot to broadcast that everything for the zodiac signs I made are up for sale. I realize this because I’ve got even more cool stuff for it in the works. There’s an official page for it all now, where you will be able to track all of the zodiac news. That can […]


Click on a design below to order prints and pendants. 🙂

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