Appearance Fees

Being a professional creative means that I spend almost every waking hour working on projects, so while I am totally down to participate with you in person, it cuts into production time and thus, earnings. Because of this, I do charge some minor appearance fees:

  • Video-conferencing: $50/hour.

    I will happily stream into your classroom, convention panel, or online event to talk about a subject of your choosing! How-to art, the wizardry of self-publishing, making comics, world-building, Sivoa – anything I know something about! 

    Sample interview:

  • Classes: $100/hour + travel expenses and supplies.

    I often run art-related workshops/panels  and will be more than happy to run such events for your classroom/gatherings.

“Heather and I have worked comic cons and have participated on discussion panels together in the past, and I find her to be a highly talented and gifted artist/writer with the heart and soul of a entrepreneur. She’s a joy to be around and has a vast knowledge and experience as a independent artist and is always willing to share her ideas, creativity and guidance with others. She is by far one of the most dedicated and giving artist I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a stage with.”

~Carlos Castellanos, Founder of & syndicated cartoonist of “Baldo”

  • Convention Special/Featured Guest: $negotiable + travel expenses, billing, and supplies

    I will happily host panels/workshops for the class rates listed above, but this cost can be substituted by granting me an art/vendor space and event badge for an assistant. I also require official billing on the convention website and convention guide (for authentication purposes).

Previous Guest Appearances:


  • Tampa Indie Authors Book Convention – June 5th, 2019 in Tampa, FL

  • Realms Con 2019 - October 4-6 in Corpus Christi, TX

  • Tampa Indie Authors Book Convention - July 13-14, 2019 in Tampa, FL

  • MegaCon Tampa Bay 2018 - September 21-23, 2018 in Tampa, FL

  • Literary Love Savannah  - July 26-29 in Savannah, GA

  • Fal-Con 2017 - October 14-15 in Montevallo, AL

  • Fal-Con 2016 - October 15-16 in Montevallo, AL

  • Fal-Con 2015 - October 17-18 in Montevallo, AL

  • Realms Con 2010 - October 1-3 in Corpus Christi, TX

  • EXP Convention 2009 - October 9-11 in St. Augustine, FL

  • Realms Con 2009 - October 2-4 in Corpus Christi, TX


* Click here for a list of all past events ​​​​​​​