Book News and A Small Help Request

The book is done. It’s been edited, the cover’s made, the acknowledgements acknowledged. Heck, even the copyright page is done. It’s all ready to go, but I can’t hit that button quite yet because I also did the thing where I pitched the novel to agents/publishers.

I gotta wait for them.

The vast majority of them claimed that if I don’t hear from them in three months, that I can move on. Those three months will be up in October, so THEN! Haha! Then I can release the thing…

… unless a agent/publisher happens to pick it up. Then I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ll definitely let you all know about it because there is no way in hell I could contain my excitement, but how do I let you all know?

I recently came to the realization that I kind of got suckered by all of the social-media sites out there; bought hard-core into that notion that if I’m there, that you will all come to me for information, when I really should have been sorting out how I would go to you. I’ve lost touch with more than a few of you who devotedly appreciated my work and I feel genuinely terrible about that.

Sure there were a few situations that were out of my hands (like my website being spontaneously deleted by my old host) and delivery algorithms that thwarted attempts to share information in general, but that’s no excuse. All of those times that I handed you business cards, I should have asked for an email address – or permission to add you to a Facebook group. ANYTHING to where I could let you all know, directly, when something was up.

I’m trying to correct those efforts now… which seems kind of backwards since I’m asking on my website, but I feel that this will help put me back on tune with you all.

  1. I’m trying to maintain a mailing list. This is way, if something happens (like my entire site disappearing again or the book drops) I can tell your directly, without having to fight with the social media sites to do it. To join this, simply throw your email into the following form (also located at the bottom of the page):

  2. Counter-intuitively, I made an incredibly informal discussion group on Facebook so that we can continue our convention conversations online. This, in theory, should cut through the mess that is our timelines and allow us to actually share stuff with each other (my personal Facebook page is a whole lot of shit-posting by me, which doesn’t help anyone).Anywho, this can be found Here.


A Small Help Request:

For those of you that can read this page AWESOME! I’m glad that you’re still with me (like for real, you have no idea *showers you with all the love*). I need your help. Could you please sent this post to our mutual buddies (or even people you think might be interested in this stuff)? Like I said, I lost track of so many people over the years and that’s totally a bad I did. I miss ya’ll. ;_;

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