Captain Halloween

Captain Halloween

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ISBN: 9781411679955
Copyright: Standard Copyright License
Publisher: Michael Spiroff
Published: July 18, 2006
Language: English
Pages: 32
Illustration by: Heather Gorlitz Scott
Binding: Saddle-stitch Paperback
Interior Ink: Full color
Weight: 0.25 lbs.
Dimensions(inches): 6 wide x 9 tall

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Do you know a child who loves Halloween? Do you remember that one haunting house where the fear was not worth the candy? Move over Great Pumpkin! Children will have fun trick-or-treating with the fearless, mysterious Captain Halloween! Schoolchildren taunt and tease Peter “Pumpkinhead” because of his love of pumpkinseeds, which ultimately leads to a schoolyard dare: to trick-or-treat at the haunted house of the wicked witch on Halloween night. Peter never returns. For a generation, Halloween is all but banned. Until a brave schoolgirl named Clare takes the same Halloween dare Peter once took. In costume eerily similar to Peter Pumpkinhead long ago, a school-age Captain Halloween, along with a black cat named “Boo,” saves both Clare and Halloween from the wicked witch, forever!

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Heather Gorlitz Scott

Illustrator and Graphic Artist
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