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While the base prices that I build my quotes up off of can be found by clicking on the “View Prices” links below, it is almost impossible to provide an accurate quote without reviewing your project first. For a custom quote, please fill out this Project Information Form.

Web Design Services
Without a doubt the central hub of information for any business is their website. Here a company can not only get the latest information out to the public, but they can accept payments, sell merchandise, honor sponsors, and even establish their own online community. A company’s website is the most vital aspect of their marketing campaign.So why slack on it?I can help make sure that your website is optimized so that it is both easy for your audience to understand and navigate, as well as easy for you to update and maintain.
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Logo/Branding Services
Logos are quite literally the most important part in branding your company. These simple – yet versatile – graphics will literally explain everything about your organization with nothing but a mere glance.My logo design experience comes from 6 years of engraving them onto metal, glass, and plastic. Because of this, I am able to optimize them so that they are able to be placed on virtually anything.
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Print Design Services
Even though a lot of publication is making it’s way into the digital world, there is still a strong need for print-based materials such as flyers, business cards, and booklets in marketing. As I have worked in a print-center I am familiar with the process of printing these and am more than qualified to design such items.
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Content Provision & Formatting
Often a project will require new that new content – such as images or prose – be generated. Although it is best that this information be provided by those that intimately know the context of the project, I do offer some basic content provision.
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Illustration Services
I am now accepting illustration commissions online. I have quite a bit of experience creating images for things such as clip art, visuals for instruction manuals, comics, children’s books, etc.
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Digital Coloring Services
Color is one of the most vital aspects of any project. It sets the tone and the visual appeal necessary to carry across whatever message needs to be delivered. It can also be used for branding without any other type of iconography.
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H. Gorlitz Scott

Illustrator and Graphic Artist
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