Terms Of Agreement

Terms of Agreement

  • I, Heather Scott, reserve the right to decline any commission request without question.
  • I will not begin the project until I have received payment
    • Once I have received payment, I will continue to update you on the production of the project via a custom client page.
    • All client projects are begun and finished in the order that I receive payment.
    • If you have ordered a large commission and wish to pay with a payment plan, it can be discussed.
    • All commissioned projects are non-refundable.
  • I reserve the right to adjust pricing on a requested piece accordingly.
    • If a commissioned project in progress requires additional pricing, an explanation will be provided.
    • If I am unable to determine the scope of your project via email or social communications, a one-on-one consultation may be required at the cost of $75 per consultation.
  • Prices on the website as listed reflect “Personal Use” commissioned projects.
    • “Personal Use” commissioned projects are priced without distribution or commercial licenses. They can not be used in any publication without expressed written permission by me (whether or not they are for profit).
      • You may not claim the work to be your own or set it up for redistribution (see “Non-Personal Use” below).
      • I will allow commissioned items to be used for icons, signatures, wallpapers, themes and personal site display as long they pertain to you and a profit is not to be made off of them.
    • I reserve the full rights to the commissioned project and it’s use/distribution unless otherwise agreed upon.
    • Rights to the commissioned project for your own non-personal use may be purchased. See “Non-Personal Use” below
  • I reserve the right to include any commissioned project – or if the original is sent out, a copy of a commissioned project –  in my portfolio.
    • I reserve the right to display commissioned projects on my website(s)/Social network channels.
    • If the commissioned project features an original intellectual property created by you, credit to you will be noted accordingly.
    • If you do not want your commissioned project displayed for whatever reason, please inform me of this in a written form in advance.

Non-Personal Use.

  • Non-personal use includes, but is not limited to, art prints, clipart,  book illustrations, covers, game illustrations/concepts, adoptables/petsite pets, shirts,  or any other publishing (regardless of it if is for profit or not).
  • Acquisition of rights to non-personal use does not disacknowledge my artist rights as defined in the  terms of agreement above.
  • For art sites or art books (that a piece has been commissioned to appear in) I require proper credit under the name of  Heather Gorlitz Scott for my work. Standard credits for novel covers apply.



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