Content Provision & Formatting

Often a project will require new that new content – such as images or prose – be generated. Although it is best that this information be provided by those that intimately know the context of the project, I do offer some basic content provision.

Image Collection $10 per image
Believe it or not, it is not necissarily legal to use images found on Google’s image search on your project. Many people make this mistake and I wind up having to search through numerous stock image or clipart sites to find appropriate images to use in place of those provided. While often I can find something for free through these venues, it is a very tedious and time-consuming task. Since I could be using this time to do design work, I no longer offer such searches for free.

    • This does not include the cost of image licenses.
    • This does not include the cost of any illustrative work by me.
    • Images used within a template design (like page webpage headers) are included in the cost of the template.

*note: if you would like to search for stock images yourself, I highly reccomend visiting Stock.XCHNG

Writing Content – $.05 per word.
This pertains to relatively short informative articles such as page introductions, Convention Guest Biographies, site blurbs, etc.

  • Does not include pre-writen and pre-edited materials.
  • Does not include content such as Contracts, Privacy Policies, or Terms of Service agreements
    (I am not qualified to write or edit such materials).


Formatting Text – $20 per page.
This pertains to laying out pre-written/edited materials.

  • Does not include text being placed into pre-made site templates (That formats automatically).
  • Does not include novels, short stories, or news articles (I no longer accept work for these types of publications).

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