December 2017

Before I got into the upcoming weirdness I need to talk about, I want to stop and thank all of you for your support. At the start of November I was kind of in a panic over being able to make the bills. I posted a call for commissions and y’all answered, allowing me to not only float through the month, but through the following month as well. Those commissions have all been mailed out and should be arriving in their designated mailboxes soon.December is going to be a quiet month from me because I’m in the process of setting up a bunch of things:



Come the new year I will be relaunching my Patreon.

Some of you will remember that I’ve had a weird falling out with the service some time back because their inability to report funds caused some issue with my ability to file taxes correctly. Since then they have restructured their system from the ground up and I have been assured that this will be no longer an issue, so I’m willing to give them another try.




Like Chiarina here.The little bit of content that I had for the Patreon before was oriented around what was going on in my head as I was writing Sivoa: Sunrise. This wound up being an exercise in providing information without spoilers that I really couldn’t keep up with. Now that the first novel is out, I can get back to that… but I also have something else planned:

Those of you who have already read Sivoa: Sunrise know that I kind of (okay, totally) left the novel off on a cliffhanger. This was intentional in order to carry the story over to the second novel (currently in the works), but unfortunately, let a few named characters (like Chiarina here) fall by the wayside.

I will be posting short illustrated stories about these characters and the events after the end of the book, first to Patreon and then to my website the following month.



This one’s simple. I forgot how to remove the coupon code, so y’all can keep using it this month. 🙂


A Small Request:

If you have read your copy of this book, please leave a nice review on it’s Amazon listing. Those little bits of feedback help us authors out in so many ways, I can’t even explain.

Event Page Updates

While I don’t have any public events happening this month, I did sign up for a  couple next year. These cane be viewed on the Dragonmun Studios Event Page:

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