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Color is one of the most vital aspects of any project. It sets the tone and the visual appeal necessary to carry across whatever message needs to be delivered. It can also be used for branding without any other type of iconography.

Because I have been coloring digitally since I was in high school, I understand the importance of color theory and design. I understand the various color conversion and matching processes used in the industry and can provide you with a style that will set you apart from your competition.

Additionally, I have the unique ability to match most existing color styles and can fill in any void caused by shifts in project membership.

Below are sample prices for pin-ups, or stand-alone illustration pieces. For comic book pages and larger projects, please fill out the Project Information Form to obtain a proper quote:

Cell/Comic book style:
1 character: $25
+ 1 Character: $20
+ EC* : $20 (each)
+ Background: $30
Simulated Traditional:
1 Character: $30
+ 1 character: $25
+ EC* : $25 (each)
+ Background: $35
Digitally Painted:
1 Character: $40
+ 1 Character: $35
+ EC* : $35 (each)
+ Background: $40

* EC = Elaborate Costume(s).


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H. Gorlitz Scott

Illustrator and Graphic Artist
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