February 2018


Wait… I said that already.  But okay. For serious. WHAT HAPPENED TO JANUARY! The month just kind of flew by!

I’ve been slammed busy and for you who commissioned artwork; Thank you again! I am literally floored by your support! You are the best! I am still catching up and I appreciate your patience with me while I do so.

On that note, I will not be accepting any more commissions this month.


The new Sivoa: Mourning episode is out and can be found online at https://dragonmun.com/february-elainia/

Supporters on Patreon also have access to next month’s story and sketch. Other membership options have still not yet been set up because…


WordPress went thought a major update and it broke a few plugins that I had been taking advantage of. This made me realize that I probably should simplify parts of my site by steering away from them. The plugins that I dropped were Feed Them Social (which had been powering my events page), Oneall Social Login (which allowed y’all to sign in with social media services and was something that nobody actually used) and a caching plugin that seems to magically install itself whenever there’s an update.

My store survived the update and plugin purge, but the sidebar for it has disappeared (again). This happens whenever there is a WooCommerce update and it is annoying. If you need to navigate the store, the “shop” menu tab at the top of the page has you covered.

What seems to be working better now are the forums, which I installed because I am utterly frustrated with Facebook and their algorithms rendering my art page with them (it  was supposed to be a community by the way) useless. I could move to a new social media platform for this, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that I would run into the same problem further down the line (heck, Instagram’s starting to show signs of it now).

If you all would like to interact online with me and each other regarding things such as Sivoa, weird crap my art inspired, or music WE NEED TO HEAR, the please do it on the forums or on the Discord server (which I am linking to again despite my previous declaration).


With the exception of one show I’m hoping to get into, I’ve got  the Dragonmun Studios event list set for the year. Since I switched back to using a simple WordPress category to list these, I have been able to add WAY more detail to the listings themselves.

One event I want to highlight in particular is Literary Love Savannah. This staff behind this event are on the ball! I have my itinerary for that mostly worked out and it’s in JULY! That said I’m doing an insane amount of stuff for it and well…  for good reason.

This event is less a convention and more like a themed immersion camp where instead of counselors, there’s authors, and instead of sleeping outside, you’re sleeping in a seriously fancy hotel. The ticket prices are steep, but totally worth it if you want to spend 3 days one-on-one with us weirdos who make stuff up and write it down.

There seems to be space limitations on things for this, so you’ll definitely want to check it  out sooner than later! Do it here: https://www.dragonmun.com/lls2018/

What’s happening this Month:

This month (This Saturday in fact!) I will have an art tent at the 6th annual Maint Street Live in Daytona Beach. Definiteyl check it out. The last event put on by this group found me hanging out with a member of The Crüxshadows… and it was amazing!

Event List»


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