Dragonmun Studios is the artistic adventure of graphic artist/illustrator, Heather Scott.

For over a decade Heather has been providing freelance illustrations and graphic designs for children’s books, comics, and websites all around the nation. In her own time she sells her own original works at galleries, art festivals, and conventions. This website is the central hub for all of these ventures. 🙂

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  • Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017 (6/19/2017) - Tampa Bay Comic Con is happening July 28-30 and I am going to be in the Artist Alley at table D23! Remember when Megacon was good? Yeah. This is like that. 🙂
  • WipW: Infinite (5/10/2017) - This piece started because someone asked me why, if I liked space and dragons, didn’t I draw a space dragon? That was a good question. Why didn’t I draw one? Further inspiration came from the song “Infinite” by Assemblage 23 and a weird notion about beings only being visible in certain colors of light – […]
  • Castle of Glass (5/3/2017) - This is result of me mishearing the lyrics to the song “Castle of Glass” by Linkin Park. I also drive by a Sherwin Williams store, so that might have had something to do with it. Anywho, the process for this was a little weird due to the mediums I had on hand. I did this right […]
  • Balticon 51 (4/28/2017) - I won’t lie, I am TOTALLY STOKED about going to BaltiCon this year! Why? Because I get to see friends and chance a trip outside of the Southeastern United States for once – which is totally not normal for me. Many have asked if I would ever come to the New England area and…. I know […]
  • WipW: Theophilius Hayden (4/12/2017) - Theophilius Hayden is the min character from a webcomic called The Honored (formerly Knightface). I could write up a summary of what it’s about, but the official one is just so dern good: The Honored takes place very far away from earth, on a planet called Yanon. Colonized by humans millenia ago, the people of […]

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