January 2018


I can hardly believe how quickly 2017 went by. I’m sort of reeling from it all.

Sort of.

In truth, I’ve been planning for 2018 for most of it and I’ve got some new fun things on the way!


As you know, I released a book back in October:

Order Sivoa: Sunrise on Amazon Today!I believe that I mentioned before that it is the first novel in a planned set of three. There is, however, a bit of a time jump between the first and second book (It’ll make sense, I promise) and that jump leaves some character fates to vanish in the mists of history.

So I decided to write about them.

Starting on the 5th of each month, I will be posting an illustration along with a flash fiction (which a really short story) that delves into what happened to character like Chiarina, Kinya, Elainia, Ka’Ren, etc. after the end of the first book.

They will be posted on the Sivoa homepage at http://sivoa.dragonmun.com and linked to via social media.

A Small Request:

If you have read your copy of this book, please leave a nice review on it’s Amazon listing. Those little bits of feedback help us authors out in so many ways, I can’t even explain.


In response to a kind of surprising amount of requests, I have reactivated my Patreon. This, naturally, had to happen right after Patreon decided to be weird and institute a backer tax of sorts, which they then rescinded when presented with enough complaints and explanations as to why that was a bad idea.

I’m glad that they admitted their mistake, but I also understand that it left a lot of people wary of their platform. In response to that, I have started working with other types of sponsored membership options and should have those up sometime within this next month. If you have a preference for funding platforms like that, please feel free to let me know.  🙂

All of the information regarding Dragonmun Studios memberships can be found at https://dragonmun.com/memberships/

I’m looking forward to this new year. I might have to fight with it, but I know that you have my back. Thank you so much for that!


I will be vending at the City Arts Factory 3rd Thursday art stroll this month, but at the moment there are no details available for it. I will be adding that to the Dragonmun Studios Event page as soon as information is released.

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