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Logos are quite literally the most important part in branding your company. These simple – yet versatile – graphics will explain everything about your organization with nothing but a mere glance. My logo design experience comes from 6 years of engraving them onto metal, glass, and plastic, followed by numerous years as a freelance designer. My design process will make it so that your logo so that it can be placed on virtually anything!


Logo Design (b/w lineart)

  • Prices start at $100 and can vary depending on complexity of the logo/graphic
  • Designs do not include gradients or shading

Colorizing a logo

  • Prices start at $150 and can vary depending on the complexity of the logo/graphic
  • Built upon existing b/w line art design and can include gradients and shading

Vector Tracing of existing Logo

  • Prices start at $80 and cane vary depending on the complexity of the logo/graphic
  • Prices vary based on the complexity of the logo/graphic


* All logo commissions are subject to the Terms Of Agreement


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H. Gorlitz Scott

Illustrator and Graphic Artist
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