At the behest of many of you, I have gone ahead and set up a contribution-based membership system (basically a Patreon) so that you may sponsor Dragonmun Studios in all of its(my) creative adventures.

Thank you all SO much for your support! Without you, I’d likely still be silently crying in a cubicle between calls. Now I can create from home while being able to take care of my daughter as she grows up, which is THE BEST. Y’all are the best!

Thank you!

Types of Membership:


Just follow Dragonmun Studios on Social Media and get updates when things are posted there.


Subscribers of the Dragonmun Studios monthly mailing list have access to more than just the stuff shared to social media, although that stuff is included. To subscribe, click here or fill out the form in the bottom, right-hand corner of this page (in the footer).


Contribute a little bit of money and receive the following perks:

      • Points in the Dragonmun Studios online store and art tables
        • 1pt = $1
        • Rolls over from month to month and can be saved up.
        • Usable on any product, including prints, books, pendants, etc.
      • Advanced viewing of Dragonmun Studios content.
      • Access to the Dragonmun Studios Discord server.

Funding Platforms

I Currently only have Patreon set up, but I understand that not everyone likes this platform. Other options are on their way.



Point Redemption

In order for me to get your points to you, you will need to have an account here on the website. In order to sign up for that, click here (or go to the “My Account” link in the “Shop” menu above).

When you are ready to redeem your points, use the form on your My Account page to let me know and I will exchange them for an exclusive coupon code that you will enter upon checkout. 🙂

(I know that it’s not the most graceful option, but currently it’s the best one I’ve got.)

Social Stuffs

Yeah... Just click here for all of that.

H. Gorlitz Scott

Illustrator and Graphic Artist
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