Overwhelmed by Social Networks

I had a moment today where I had to stop myself and take several deep breaths because I realized I was stressing myself out over figuring out what Dragonmun Studios network pages I needed to post updates too and if/where those updates fed to other social networks. I also realized that in the past, I had focused on making my website that kind of a hub and that I probably should do that again.

Now that I managed to step aside and things about the problem itself, I realize that I need to sit down a create an update schedule for myself. Working with one network at a time is a whole lot more manageable than trying to rely on RSS feeds to handle thing automatically. I also need to go back to simulcasting what I do share and not worry about making sure each network gets a little something different. Everything will lead back here anyway.

Now that I have this in mind, here’s my tentative update schedule (more of a note to myself than anything else):

I don’t like Twitter (I’ll just leave it at that). Patreon subscribers will receive major project updates when it’s new regardless of what update day it is (in addition to their special privileges, like bonus content). I’m addicted to Facebook, so my personal public page there will probably continue to be blasted with works in progress, assorted news and whatever other weirdness catches my attention.

To my other artists that manage to be on every network under the sun, HOW DO YOU DO IT?! Where do you find the time?!

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