Post MegaCon 2016

Finally recovering from #MegaCon 2016. Let me tell ya, I am not used to this 4-day convention thing. 😛

For those that missed it, Baba Bhalu updated Thursday. I had a print-out at the table, but it can be read now at

Additionally, everything Zodiac can be found here. This included the line-arts for those that wanted to get tattoos of them (please note that this does not mean they are for resale).

For those that asked, yes I am still writing the Sivoa novel(s) and yes, it’s taking time. I don’t want to rush it and put out something sub-par as the world of novel writing is both new and terrifying to me.

That said, thee comic and related items can be found here. 🙂

And last, but not least, here are all of the photos I took over the weekend! Thank you all so much for visiting my table. You are awesome! ^.^

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