Breaking All Barriers


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I actually found Gaia ( by randomly clicking around one afternoon. I wound up binge-reading the entirety of the comic posted up to that point and I must say that it’s really good! I don’t know if it’s because I’m writing a fantasy story that makes heavy use of the number 3 itself, but I kept seeing the number all over the comic. When I saw the symbol in the middle, I knew that I HAD to draw a mandala of sorts using it. The girls were another instance of 3 that I picked up on (they’re all talented, important, and from different regions), so they were an obvious choice to go with the symbol. The gold Celtic braid was included to imply a shield, which is a barrier and is inspired by the chapter title “Breaking All Barriers.” The decision to do this piece entirely in traditional media was because I had been a little overloaded on the digital art work lately and wanted to have fun with my paints. It was done in watercolor over top of black alcohol pigment on Canson multimedia paper. Note: Prints will not be made of this.

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