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After spending the majority of her life trapped in the dungeons by her evil sorcerer father, Dragonira finally manages to escape to the outside of the palace through the use of a untested teleporation spell. Her victory is short lived as she receives a dinner invitation from Prince Pavlova and is returned to her father and his dark practices. While this is going on, a secret band of rebels on the other side of the ravine meet to discuss their plans to take down the tyrannical royal family controlling Libris Del Sol. Sivoa is about a planet whose goddess of destruction ends up having to save the world from her father. * Purchases for this are ordered directly from out printer and will require some extra processing/printing time in addition to the shipping time.

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Graphic Novel (Chapters 0-7), Sivoa single issue 1, Sivoa single issue 2, Sivoa single issue 3, Sivoa single issue 4, Sivoa single issue 5, Sivoa single issue 6, Sivoa single issue 7, Sivoa single issue 8

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H. Gorlitz Scott

Illustrator and Graphic Artist
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