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When I started the novel project,  I fully intended to post updates and progress reports to keep you all in the know on how it’s coming. Well, It seems that most writing progress trackers only follow word count,  which is super awkward because (for me) that bounces up and down fairly drastically between writing and editing. These trackers also seem to be under the assumption that I have a set word count goal to achieve in my head beforehand – which is not at all true. I’ll write as much as I need to in order to tell the story correctly.

So… I guess I’ll just post a completed chapter count every now and then. Thus far I have 19 chapters completed, which includes a number of sub-chapter/segments. When I left off on the comic, I think I was hovering around the start of chapter 7, with a lot of stuff skipped over. If I go with the strange year-to-single comic issue ratio that I mentioned sometime before, It would have taken me 22 years to catch the comic up to this point.

It’s definitely progress. A LOT of progress. It’s just kinda of weird intangible progress… and that annoys me.

Anywho. Here’s a picture, that some of you may have seen before, to go with a scene that you may have also read before:



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