Sivoa: Mourning

Sivoa: Mourning is an anthology of 12 illustrated short stories that take place after the events of the novel, Sivoa: Sunrise and expands upon the world it presents. The individual images were done to compliment the text and specifically represent the words written. The first short story and illustration were featured “staff picks” on […]

Sivoa: Sunrise

  Wrap-around cover illustration for Sivoa: Sunrise, a YA fantasy novel that I also happened to write. Featured in the “Narrative Image” exhibit at the City Arts Factory in Orlando, FL.   Order the Book Commission Information

Blood on the Rocks

  Commissioned book cover for Blood on the Rocks by M.P. DePaul   Commission Information View the book online

Blood on Fire

  Commissioned book cover for Blood on Fire by M.P. DePaul.   Commission Information View the book online   

Warriors of Orlandia (2016)

Warriors of Orlandia is a collectible card game created by Anime Festival Orlando with tournaments held throughout central Florida. These illustrations were for the 2016, Crisis on Infinite Orlandias set. Warriors of Orlandia information Commission Information   Like what you see? Find more in the Dragonmun art store. 🙂

Realm’s Con 2010 Guide Cover

Realm’s Con started off as a horror convention that grew to encompass gaming and anime. To honor this mix, I illustrated a parody of the horror game F.E.A.R 2’s cover, using the convention’s anime-influenced mascots. Not only was this on the cover of the con guide, but they also put it on a cake! 😀

Realm’s Con Guidebooks

I did the layout for a run of Realm’s Con guidebooks between 2009 – 2011. Sample pages are in the gallery above, but the full PDF files for these can be found in the links below 2011 Guidebook 2009 Guidebook   Commission Information

The Great Northern War

This was an amazing project to be a part of. I had been asked to draw several (okay, 36) maps for a 2-book compendium for an alternate history setting created by The Historical Game Company. This compendium covered, in great detail, the actual history of what happens during the Great Northern War of Europe so that  players […]

Captain Halloween

Do you know a child who loves Halloween? Do you remember that one haunting house where the fear was not worth the candy? Move over Great Pumpkin! Children will have fun trick-or-treating with the fearless, mysterious Captain Halloween! Schoolchildren taunt and tease Peter “Pumpkinhead” because of his love of pumpkinseeds, which ultimately leads to a […]

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