Reviving The Ancients

I have been selected as a featured artist for the Reviving the Ancients exhibit in Downtown Orlando! Additionally, I will be the featured artist for the coinciding Church Street art walk!

The opening and walk will be on the Third Thursday (the 15th) of January at 6pm. I will have new artwork for this, so be sure to come check it out!

Official information posted by Art For All Spaces:

Art For All Spaces invites you to the opening reception of “Reviving The Ancients” a celebration of the enduring relevance of past cultures, ideas and practices.Opening on January 15, 2015 at the CityArts Factory at 29 South Orange Ave in Downtown Orlando, the exhibit explores the manner in which the human race has addressed questions of existence through image-making and story-telling. Exhibiting artists will present their interpretations of ancient traditions, ancient cultures and ideas, thereby forging a connection between past and present through art.

From the acquisition and use of fire, to ancient Persia vs. Modern Iran, to chance happenings via the goddess Fortuna, this exhibition offers much to the interested viewer.

A special event is planned for January 29th , when artists/scholars will conduct 15-minute tours of the exhibit, free of charge, to small groups of viewers. The artist/scholars will select three works of art to discuss, insights from the perspectives of Art History, World History and Psychology.

The artist/scholars are; internationally exhibited Artist and specialist in Ancient Greek History, Josh Garrick; Psychologist and Artist Dr. Linda Brant from Ringling; Visual Artist and Daytona State College Adjunct Professor Janae Corrado, and Guest Speaker and Professor of Art History from Seminole State College Megan Paquette Stepe

Participating artists include Richard Reep, Patricia Byron, Marsha De Broske, Linda Brant, Donna Frank, Irma Kirveliene, Janae Corrado, Kim Mathis, Ken Austin, Judy Batterson, Jason Hunt,Cathy Hempel, Kayla Prommersberger,Josh Garrick, Natasha Schaidt, Richard Munster, Saulius Jankauskas, Erick D. Marquez,Doris Smart, Ken Austin, Parker Sketch, Bonnie Sprung, Tre Harris, Heather Scott

We would like to Thank Our Lead Sponsors Baxter Systems Consulting, as well as other businesses for sponsoring this excellent exhibition

This exhibit event is hosted by The CityArts Factory, DowntownArts District, and Art for All Spaces. Art For All Spaces provides curatorial services for commercial and residential spaces, event production, promotion, and artist representation. Call Brad Biggs at 407-450-2255, or Christina Faille at [email protected]

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