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I make virtual spaces utilizing a beta file curation service called Saganworks, which features both portable and web apps to enter. Due to the nature of this, registering an account is required and can be done via the mobile apps (Android / IOS) or through the website, here.

List of Dragonmun Sagans in the SaganWorks community:

  • Dragonmun Studios

  • Sivoa: Sunrise

  • Sivoa: Mourning

  • Three Artists, Three Worlds


There are a couple of steps to accessing these as the app will walk you through a short tutorial, but it’s seriously worth it to run around pretty galleries like ours using standard game controls. 😉

Once you are logged into your account, enter the map view (by clicking on the accordion icon at the top-right - if you’re not there already) and select the little building icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

2021-03-05 (1).png

This will pull up a menu with three buttons at the top. Click on the “community” button and type the name of the Sagan you're looking for into the search menu. This will pull up the Sagan, which you can then drag onto your map/canvas.


From there, just double-tap/click on it to enter. 

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