Sivoa and Some Winter Events. :)

I’m sleepy, so I’ll just cut to the point – I finished writing the book! 😀

It’s currently in the process to be sent out to the Beta readers and then it’s off to the editor. Unexpectedly, I AM TERRIFIED of the feedback I so desperately need. This is normal for when I release brain babies off into the world, but it’s kind of amped up because I worked so hard on this one. I’ll keep everyone updated on this process as updates come in. 🙂

In related news, I was lucky to mentor some AMAZING young artist on the world of sequential art and comics. They will be displaying their works in a special gallery show called the Narrative Image. I’m quite excited to see their stories visualized, and you should be too!

Thursday, December 15th, 2016 at 6:00pm CityArts Factory 29 S Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32801

My name is on the show as a guest artist, but I want to point out that the kids are the focus – as they should be. That said, I will be displaying a big example of my comic-making process as well as unveiling a tentative cover for the novel.

This may be the only show that you can see that in it’s entirety, soo… 🙂

Saturday, December 17th, 2016 at 11:00am Sanford Civic Center 401 E Seminole Blvd Sanford, FL 32771

The Saturday following the gallery opening, I will be selling art and prints at the Big Bang Bazaar in Sanford. My table is teeny-tiny, but I will be inside in the main area… somewhere. It’s not that big. You’ll be able to find me. 😉

Looking forward to seeing you all around!

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