After spending the majority of her life trapped in the dungeons by her evil sorcerer father, Dragonira finally manages to escape to the outside of the palace through the use of a untested teleporation spell. Her victory is short lived as she receives a dinner invitation from Prince Pavlova and is returned to her father and his dark practices. While this is going on, a secret band of rebels on the other side of the ravine meet to discuss their plans to take down the tyrannical royal family controlling Libris Del Sol.

Sivoa is about a planet whose goddess of destruction ends up having to save the world from her father.

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  • Balticon 51 (4/28/2017) - I won’t lie, I am TOTALLY STOKED about going to BaltiCon this year! Why? Because I get to see friends and chance a trip outside of the Southeastern United States for once – which is totally not normal for me. Many have asked if I would ever come to the New England area and…. I know […]
  • EDITOR!!!!! (3/27/2017) - I think my last post on the subject here was me mentioning that I had finished ~writing~ my the first Sivoa novel. Since then It’s been through a revision, followed by another revision, followed by more edits, and more edits, and more edits… … and then on Saturday I officially sent it to the editor. […]
  • Sivoa and Some Winter Events. 🙂 (12/8/2016) - I’m sleepy, so I’ll just cut to the point – I finished writing the book! 😀 It’s currently in the process to be sent out to the Beta readers and then it’s off to the editor. Unexpectedly, I AM TERRIFIED of the feedback I so desperately need. This is normal for when I release brain babies […]
  • WiPW: Sorcerer’s Study (7/13/2016) - I just really wanted to paint Flag in his room/study. Ended up spending what felt like forever on the canyon wall that his giant friggin windows face. 😛 Related
  • Overdue Update (6/16/2016) - So… apparently it takes me a *coughf’inlongcough* while to write a book. I guess this makes sense because writing has exactly 0% to do with my income, so I have to focus on paid work first.  Cool news though! I have hit a major milestone… a printed proof for edit manuscript! Buwahahahhaha!!! It really is […]

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Over the years I have received some awesome artwork by some awesome people, who happened to draw my characters.
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  • Heather says:

    Some of the images above don’t have artist information attached to them. This is because that information was lost when my old web host ate my databases and dropped my hosting. If you know who drew an image missing information, please comment on the image with their name and website.

    Thank you. 🙂

  • omg, so much Flag art! SO MUCH FLAG ART!

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