Divided Dominion


Mankind has always used stories to explain things that it did not understand and few mythologies have persevered throughout history as those of the Greeks. As entertaining as they are informative, these stories have been referenced time and time again in songs, books, movies, and even video games.

Frequently mentioned are the olympians – twelves gods and goddesses who preside over every aspect of human life; of these, the brothers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades ruled the physical realms. These three brothers inherited their father’s dominion after they, and the other olympians, fought and won a ten-year war against their father and his siblings (the titans). To be fair when dividing the realms amongst themselves, they drew lots – Zeus going first and gaining the land. Poseidon went next and got the sea, while Hades received the underworld. The remaining Olympians had their own domains that lay within these realms.

While there are almost as many gods/goddesses as there are legends, the three sons of Kronos are arguably the most vital and prevalent in the many life-lessons and stories of ancient Greece.


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