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Today’s update is kind of a two-for-one as I did the first picture to paint the background an practice a new technique for digital coloring – which I now pretty much stick to:

I’m one of those people that use the same handful of brushes in Photoshop and pretty much NEVER touch the other presets. Thankfully I’m not alone and DanLuVisiArt on deviantART had the brilliant foresight to make a brushpack that panders to artists like me. For  these images, I stuck to a small, hard round brush at 100% opacity and 16% flow for everything but the clouds, which were done using “CLOD 1” with the same settings.

I sketched both figures on a Galaxy Note tablet (which I not longer have) and then imported them into Photoshop. Starting with  the picture of Flag in a skirt (because, why not?) I painted the entire background over top of the sketch layer, which I then brought forward and set  to both multiple and  low opacity. I then painted on top of the sketch layer again to fill the people in. This process is show more with Draognira’s picture than Flag’s as I used his to learn with.

A commentary  on that damned pyramid: It was an extreme exercise in frustration, but I finally managed to get it  by first drawing a cube in 1-point perspective and then drawing  an equilateral triangle on the furthest-away-seeming square. I then drew an X on the closest-seeming square. From there I connected the dots and that somehow worked after starting over several times. I mention this because its been the biggest problem I faced when trying to tackle this image in the past.



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