Work In Progress Wednesdays (WiPW)

I tend to photo-document illustrations as I work on them. It’s handy when doing client-work, but largely it’s to keep myself amused. I had attempted to upload these to my personal Facebook as I go and my Tumblr when I’m done, but both of those present challenges with sharing/updating. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of uploading these galleries to this site… so I’m doing that now!

I’ll be scheduling work-in-progress galleries here every Wednesday. It’ll be a mix of new, old, and commission work, because why not? 🙂

Here is this week’s post:

  • WiPW: Divided Dominion - The work-in-progress gallery for Divided Dominion, which I did for the Reviving the Ancients gallery exhibit at the City Arts Factory, downtown Orlando.

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