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Event Information

For over a decade Heather has been providing illustrations and designs for children’s books, comics, novels, games, and websites all around the world. In her own time she sells her original works at conventions and festivals in the southeast United States. This page is an overview of this.

Art & Product Overview:

Heather’s art style developed around her novel series, Sivoa and has morphed into what can best be described as a fantasy take on comics, with a concept art influence. She uses both traditional and digital materials to create the images she sees in her mind.


She does not use AI.

While the bulk of her table display contains giclée art prints at various sizes, it can also include original paintings and books. An exact catalog of what she has for sale at her table can be found in her online store located at

Display Information:




Heather makes use of 14in x 14in interconnecting mini grids to manage table space. She also utilizes a fabric backdrop to display prints and small original paintings. The backdrop is anchored down by 20lb tent weight bags to ensure that it does not tip if bumped. Backdrop can be configured to be 2.5ft, 5ft, or 10ft wide and can stand up to 12 feet tall. Pole footprints measure 1-2ft depending on configuration.



Heather has a white 10ft x 10ft pop-up art tent. The tent is anchored down by four 20lb (80lbs total) canvas tent weight bags. Tent walls are comprised of 14in x 14in interconnecting mini grid panels that allow wind through with minimal resistance. White tarp walls are also an option. Heather can provide her own electricity.

Tax & Insurance Info:


Heather is a sole-proprietor doing business as Dragonmun Studios and is registered in the states of Florida and Georgia. Sales permits elsewhere are acquired as necessary. Event insurance is provided on a temporary basis through ACT.  Documentation can be provided upon request.

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