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Twitch Chat Commands

Thanks to StreamLabs, the Twitch chat has a number of fun little interactive things to distract me with. Below is a list of all the available ones and an example of how to type them in. 

Twitch chat games and features, as well as their commands:



- Register your bet


- Check what you have bet on


!duel <username> <points>
- Duel with each others for points.

Eight Ball Game

!8ball <question>
- Ask questions to eight ball.

Gamble Minigame

!gamble <points>
- Gamble with loyalty points by rolling a 100 sided die.

Loyalty Points / F***s


- Displays the amount of F***s you have.


- Displays a list of Top users based on F***s


- Displays a list of Top users based on hours

!give <name> <amount>

- Give F***s to someone else

Loyalty Store


- Redeem items from the loyalty store through chat

Poll (when I do em)


- Register your vote.


- Trigger a random or specific quote.

Queue (I don't know what queue)


- join the queue


- leave the queue.

Slots Minigame

!slots <points>
- Potentially earn extra points from spinning the slot machine


/w username

- Send a whisper/private message to another user in chat.

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