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H. Gorlitz Scott

Award winning author and artist, H. Gorlitz Scott was born somewhere between orange groves and raised amongst the alligator people of America’s most phallic of states – Australia Lite. There, she and her sentient hair have taken to drawing a land of make believe to live in so that she did not become one of the zombie hoard.


This hobby turned fully-professional after she and her husband spawned a swamp elf that constantly needs to be fed. In addition to creating the world of Sivoa, Scott has provided illustrations for companies such as Rose Portal Games, THGC Publishing, and REDFeather MBS (an Imprint of Schiffer Publishing).


Not wanting to leave the make-believe adventures of her early life behind, she turned to writing them down; a process that was significantly faster, and more effective, than interpretive dance (which she is terrible at).


Scott continues to write, draw, and stare at spaceships from her home in Orlando, Florida to this day.



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