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Orlando Reads Books (October 10-12, 2024)

Updated: Mar 27

I was invited to be a featured author at Orlando Reads Books again!

Book conferences like these aren't like other kinds of conventions. They're so much better! If you've ever wanted to actually hang out with the guests in a variety of ways (dinners, masquerades, panels, etc.) this is what you're looking for! We do have signings, which is when you can buy books from us at our tables, but that's just a small portion of the awesomeness!

Pre-Ordering For Pickup:

While I do try to bring as much of my inventory as possible with me to events, a lot of it is made-to-order/Print-on-demand. If you are attending Orlando Reads Books and would like something specific from my shop you can order like normal, but use code "ORB24" at checkout to wave shipping and let me know to deliver it to you directly at the show!

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