• H. Gorlitz Scott

Fabrications (November 17th, 2022)

Watercolor Piece 1 of 2 for Fabrications

Differentiating truth from lies has become increasingly challenging in contemporary society, as media content is constantly being created, distributed, and shared without scrutiny. Success is measured by clicks, likes and shares, rather by the quality of the writer's investigation, the soundness of their reasoning, or the accuracy of the content. Dramatic, sensational, and eye-popping content has trumped unbiased, balanced, and fact-based reporting.

To highlight this theme and to bring some much-needed levity to it, we present Fabrications.

The word 'fabrication' has two meanings: 1) to make or manufacture something physically, and 2) to falsify or lie. This exhibition employs both meanings of 'fabrication' as artists create some pieces that are truthfully described in their accompanying statements, and others that are falsely described. The veracity of the artist's statements will be concealed from the public at the exhibition opening. By reading and considering the artist-written statements for each piece, the viewing public is invited to try their hand at differentiating truth from lies! Visitors can enter a free raffle drawing to win a stunning quartz crystal, by completing a checklist showing their judgements (Truth or Lie) of each piece.

Please join us for this fun, participative exhibit, opening on November 17, 2022, and be prepared to take it in or be taken in! The raffle drawing will take place at a secondary opening on (date TBA). At the second opening, the truth will be revealed, the lies will be exposed, and someone will take home an incredible quartz crystal specimen!


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