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MegaCon (Feb. 1 - 4, 2024)

Updated: Jan 31

I will have an artist table at MegaCon 2024! Whoohoo!

I'll be at artist alley table AA275!

*If you use my "buy tickets" link above, you'll help me pay for my table... which is kinda awesome of them to do.


The Orange County Convention Center is a special kind of hell to get to, if we're being honest. You'll want to avoid Interstate 4 and International Drive as much as possible when you can... which mean toll roads. I highly advise using them. The 528 is the one that will drop you off almost at the convention center's doors and it intersects with the 417 and Florida's turnpike. This, on top of parking, will make travel to the convention kind of pricey, but it's honestly worth it if you want to minimize traffic jams.


There really aren't any free parking options on International drive, south of Sand Lake Road, so make sure that you have cash on hand to pay for parking (can be up to $60/day, depending). The convention center is absolutely the ideal place to park for MegaCon, but the parking lot will fill up fast and most people will have to face the choice of either waiting in the car line for a space to free up, or go elsewhere.

If you're unable to park at the convention center at all, the hotels adjacent to it are the next best thing, but they also fill up fast.

Pointe Orlando is expensive and another long walk, but they're fairly close. If your day's plans involve eating at a sit-down or seeing a movie, you can get your parking validated for a discount.

Sea World isn't as close a walk as signs might make it seem and their parking management is complete and utter shit. Just don't. You likely won't be leaving the parking lot until 2am.

If you don't mind holding your stuff all day and making use of International Drive's own bus system (I-Drive trolley), then you can park at any of the malls North of Sand Lake Road. This actually might not cost anything but time. There's also no security for you car, so keep that in mind.

I have no idea if Universal Studios has access to the I-Drive trolley bus system.

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